Our projects

Some of projects done together with foreign partners


Maritime logistics

Web application for shipping companies for a variety of purposes.
Logistics monitoring and managing transport containers for transporting goods.


Industry 4.0 - 3D printing - additive manufacturing of metal parts

With our partner’s trust and mutual relations long  more than 10 years,  we are at the forefront of Industry 4.0, developing advanced software solutions to utilise and transform management and service operations of 3D printers for metal parts production.


Scalable Web App for a European Retail Chain

Building Scalable Web Application to boost sales and manage prices for a major European dealer of motorcycle equipment


Specialised OS for large corporations

In partnership with a leading multinational software company in its domain, we produce next-generation operating system components, specially designed for secure access to cloud or desktop workstations and aimed at large enterprises.


Mobile app for violations tracking

A mobile app designed for local communities and public institutions to effectively record, monitor and manage violations, such as improper parking, speeding, or dumping in an unauthorized place.


TBM Software - WEB app for Monitoring and management of Tunnel Boring Machines

The TBM (Tunnel Boring Machines) monitoring and management application provides an innovative solution for monitoring, controlling and optimising the operation of tunnel drilling machines.


Measurement of thermal conductivity of materials

Advanced software for measuring the thermal conductivity of materials


Measuring system based on computer recognition  

The software uses state-of-the-art camera technologies to accurately measure tools, their positions, and perform key calculations that improve the production process and quality.


Document management in the legal field

All-in-one data management in the form of a desktop client and a remote web server on a Windows platform.


Communication & Collaboration tool for industrial purposes

Development of tools for communication and collaboration of team members at remote locations with an emphasis on mobile service solutions - data protection and security in the industry 4.0


SCADA Project

Porting SCADA software on the Web and Mobile platforms.


Backup and maintenance of large industrial databases

Backup and maintenance of large industrial databases.


Management System in Quality control for Automotive industry


Warehousing DB

Warehousing and logistic. Application is used in warehousing and logistic domain. It consists of two parts, the mobile application for indexing goods images and web application for quick search of goods.



Client is basing their business on renting out warehouse space to clients, with the possibility to receive client’s orders from the suppliers, repacking per client’s needs, sending specific parts to the client at specific time.


Automotive - Spare parts and production control

The project allows the manufacturer to obtain the necessary parts for the production of (currently cars) for the production line at the right time and in the appropriate order.


Warehousing file system indexing and search

File system indexing and search.
Main purpose of application is quick search of stored documents from remote file server. It consists of two parts, file indexer and web application.


Mobile Warehousing App

Warehousing, Mobile based solution built on Cordova


Automated warehouses software

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