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Industry 4.0 - 3D printing - additive manufacturing of metal parts

With our partner’s trust and mutual relations long  more than 10 years,  we are at the forefront of Industry 4.0, developing advanced software solutions to utilise and transform management and service operations of 3D printers for metal parts production.

Industry 4.0 - 3D printing - additive manufacturing of metal parts
Partnering for Success:

We collaborate with a leading provider of industrial 3D printing equipment, metal powders and polymers, technical support, and financial services. Additionally, they offer comprehensive consultations and training to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Service and maintenance software for metal 3D printing machines

Wa are working on a powerful software suite designed for both internal and client use. Developed in collaboration with expert service and support teams, it simplifies every stage of the 3D printing process:

This translates to a smoother workflow and less time spent dealing with complexities, allowing both engineers, software developers and end customers to focus on what matters most - creating new, cost-effective and reliable metal parts through 3D printing.

A Central Hub for 3D Printing Operations:

Software acts as the central hub for 3D printing ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates with other software tools and sensors, collecting vital process data and providing user-friendly interfaces for:

Word from of developers:

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