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Maritime logistics

Web application for shipping companies for a variety of purposes.
Logistics monitoring and managing transport containers for transporting goods.

Maritime logistics

The project deals with the logistics of monitoring and managing the transport of containers for the transfer of goods. The main area is the monitoring and management of containers transported by ships, but now the area is expanding to the logistics of transport to ships as well as from ships, using trains and trucks, which enables a better insight into the goods being transported. The application is intended for employees of the company as well as outside agents who may require the transport of goods.

A comprehensive software suite designed to empower shipping executives and experienced logistics operatives. It goes  beyond basic container tracking, offering a powerful toolbox to manage all aspects of  liner shipping operations.

Here are some of 's what sets it apart:

Deployment Options: Locally Installed or Remotely Hosted

Software focus:

Comments from developers:

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