ComData High Performance Teams-Speeding up Industry 4.0

There is sometimes a gold-rush atmosphere on the Internet: Blockchain, AI / IoT & Co. promise large profit margins. On the other hand, the 2020s also seem to us to be the decade in which "anything is possible" in terms of cybercrime as well: from identity theft ("deeppfakes") to DDoS attacks to faking the fingerprint of a particular browser. Such risks jeopardize digital business models, and the following applies: In an economy based on the division of labor, trust and security are essential.

ComData High Performance Teams-Speeding up Industry 4.0

IOTA: Secure and free

"Security First" must therefore be the maxim - or as a good friend once said: "Better safe than sorry". For this reason, we at ComData have been intensively involved with the blockchain alternative IOTA and its DLT technology Tangle for quite some time. We consider their great advantage to be the greatest possible security of the data basis, which in our estimation surpasses that of blockchain. Once a data set has been created, it can no longer be changed, i.e. it cannot be manipulated. Compared with "blockchain" technologies, there are further advantages: IOTA allows parallel processes, the microtransactions are more easily scalable and transaction cost-free

IOTA Use Cases from ComData

While IOTA and Tangle are still in the early stages of development, there are already early use cases. On August 20, 2020, Mastercard (R) filed a blockchain patent using a Tangle with the European Patent Office.

Our technology teams have also been working on meaningful use cases on DLT / HYPERLEDGER / IoT for some time, e.g.:

IOTA Predict-IoT Software:

"Predict-IoT software" can be used to predict the failure of devices, motors or machines in industrial plants. Measured values such as temperature, pressure or humidity can be recorded and evaluated. IOTA serves as a promising and secure data transmission protocol here.

Software Focus:

A powerful blockchain ecosystem to achieve future requirements for securely capturing, analyzing, and making the right decisions in predictive machine maintenance and increasing machine efficiency.



Technology overview:

If you want to use the technology in your projects, feel free to contact us. The first step would be a smaller joint project as a focus area for a pilot to cover first requirements and see how it works in a PoC. This way we create trust and enable an optimal knowledge transfer between both teams.

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