The basis of our business model is focused on continuous learning and improvement in all segments of our daily work. 

The core of our business model are our employees and our business partners, with continuous trainings and improvement, in order to increase the level of knowledge and experience of our employees and more transparent business with our business partners. For this reason, we pay great attention to trainings and education of employees. We improve our business processes as well as our communication with our business partners.

We stick to the rule: "Build - Measure - Learn"

We are working in a teams. We pay special attention to optimizing our team work, as well as all forms of communication with our business partners and their teams.

Trust is the essence of our business.

It is a MUST. Here we are not just thinking about trust between our employees, employees and management of our company, but also about mutual trust between us and our business partners.

What we are asking for from all our employees and what we train and encourage them to do, is a very good knowledge of the basics: