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We want to bring you closer to our company: history, way of work, thinking, beliefs, technologies we use and the projects we work on, so we've interviewed our colleagues, from students on practice, to senior developers and managers so you can imagine how it looks to be one of us.

If you want to find out more about us, you can contact us via mail or LinkedIn.

Dragan Majkić, CEO:

Can you tell us something about the company?
ComData was founded in 1992, at a time when a computer with 486 processors at 50MHz, with 8MB of memory and a 120MB hard drive, was considered the top model.
This year we celebrate 25 years of work. From the very beginning, until now, the company is dealing exclusively with software development, and never, and even in the most difficult or most lucrative times, we have not dealt with hardware selling.
Our greatest value, besides our employees, is our vast experience in designing and programming as well as the organizational model of our business.
The central theme and focus of our planning and work is our worker and his professional development and training.
We achieve this through several different activities: trainings and vocational training, going to expert lectures and events, subscribing to commercial learning portals as well as working on very demanding projects involving the use of state-of-the-art technologies and tools in the team of highly experienced professionals with different expertises and knowledge.
In the Company we have both internal and external trainings, which are targeted at a very high level.
We bring highly experienced consultants, from the country and abroad, with different expertise, who hold lectures with very specific topics. We want our people to get acquainted with a different way of solving and thinking about solving known problems.
In addition, we want all our workers to be very familiar with object-oriented programming principles, so-called clean code, coding standards, design patterns.
We are subscribed to commercial ICT learning portals, which our employees constantly use to raise their knowledge.

We work exclusively on the development of a new software for the needs of the industry, using the latest technologies and tools.
On the suggestion and with the support of our foreign partners, next year we are beginning to develop software in several new areas for which we have not worked before.
These are embeded development, IoT, Data Science and Machine learning, as well as SAP-ABAP development. We are currently looking for developers for the mentioned areas. What is very important to say is that it is a joint development of new applications for industrial needs with our foreign partners and their teams, who in the fields have great experience and commercial solutions.
If you are ambitious, eager for research and new knowledge, ComData is surely a company that can provide this to you, as we are dealing with the development of commercial and industrial software for 25 years.

Which technologies are most used?
ComData is focused on high quality solutions for the industry, and therefore we are looking for experienced Medium and Senior developers who can quickly get into the matter and who love and know how to solve problems. In the team, you will always work with several Senior and Medium developers, and you will often be able to travel to the countries of Western Europe to adopt the business logic and partner standards.
Programming languages wise, we rely on C #, ASP.Net, XAMARIN, Java, JS, Angular, TypeScript C and C ++. More and more of our projects are focused on Cloud and Mobile Solutions.

Certainly, the company's management takes a lot of time in the moment, but we know you're still programming. Tell us what was the greatest programming challenge for you, and what brought you the greatest satisfaction?
Programming is a very interesting and dynamic job, so there were a lot of challenges and difficult moments. It was not easy to deal with the development of software in the 1990s in Serbia and our biggest success is that we have survived and not only survived, but we are constantly developing, growing and learning.

What kind of projects do you offer in the next period?
ComData is currently working on several major projects on its own, and for its foreign partners.
These include the development of Cloud and Mobile Applications for large-scale business operations, industrial and business solutions for the automotive, maritime and aviation industries; but what we are particularly proud is the development of Industry 4.0 solutions that include the Industrial Application of the latest machines that we can not talk much about. As I have already said, we will soon start with Embedded solutions and in next year with Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Data Science projects.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?
We will try to stay focused, at firm contact with the latest technologies, so that we would be interesting for both, business partners and our employees. Learning and training will continue to be our focus. Internet of Things, Embedded Solutions, DataScience and Machine Learning will gain an increasing role in our business as well as work on large industrial solutions such as databases, Web applications, CRM, Cloud and Mobile solutions. Our plans are very ambitious, and for the realization of these plans we need additional capacities, we are looking for new people, ambitious, team-oriented, people eager for knowledge and new challenges.
Senior and Medium developers make up the majority of our developers team, top experts in what they are dealing with, and working with them is a great opportunity for development and promotion, even if you are a very experienced developer; but the most important is a sense of community, and that, unlike some new technology, you can’t learn.
We expect experienced developers to come in, and no mail will remain unanswered. Developers who meet the conditions in ads, or who have some specific combination of skills that are not listed in the advertisements, and are interesting for our future projects, will be contacted and interviewed in a timely manner.
If we determine that our visions and expertise match, each candidate will receive a test project for checking professional knowledge and after that they will discuss the business offer.
When you apply for job, your goal should not be to win others, because the contest is always open, and there is always plenty of work for someone who wants to work, but to show that you have the expertise we need, that you know how to solve problems and that you will fit in with your colleagues.