Tamara, student on practice

Student on final year of studies at the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, department in Novi Sad, major in Business information systems.

I was a pupil of a generation in the elementary school, after which I enrolled at the gymnasium "J.J. Zmaj" (now you know I am a geek). I was not sure what I was interested in, and at one point I realized that this profession is modern and offers a lot of potential for development.

I enrolled Business Information Systems at the Faculty of Economics in Subotica and I did not regret it. Good peers, trained professors and vocational training required, brought me where I am now.

I wanted to see what I was learning on a concrete case in a serious company.
Here I have managed to see what is the system of working, the atmosphere and the problems my colleagues face. I would recommend to anyone to test their knowledge in this company.

I learned how it actually looks. I actually did not even know what an IT company looks like. It's much more interesting than I imagined. (Methodology, procedures, Agile, SCRUM, daily and weekly meetings, etc.)

In short, programming is not just sitting in front of a computer but also organization of work, cooperation with team members, respect for colleagues and deadlines.