At the beginning of 2015, I was looking for an opportunity to work on different projects that would complete and improve my knowledge. ComData gave to me that opportunity, and suddenly I was given a professional challenge to work on very interesting projects using advanced current technologies and software development management techniques.

Today, despite the multitude of means of communication, the existence of awareness about the importance of personal acquaintance with clients is an important part of the company's culture. Each project involves meeting with colleagues from partner companies in Europe, the adoption of a domain know-how and an agreement on software development. The diversity in business cultures, choice and requirements of the software development gives me a rich experience.

The vision of the company's development and how to achieve it are especially noticeable.

After all, it is not surprising that ComData lecturers are field experts in technologies that the company uses, and I enjoy in a collegial relationship and selfless sharing of knowledge.


Working with the latest technologies and tools, as well as the ability to move from one project to another, makes working in ComData interesting, and useful for my further advancement and improvement.

Working in a team, where individual team members have different expertise, provides me with new insights as well as the improvement of existing skills.

Cooperation with domestic and foreign companies from different fields of business expands my professional competences and makes every new project interesting.


I have been in ComData since 2015 as a C# and JavaScript developer.
I started working on projects related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Web resource, plugin).
The projects are challenging and dynamic, but with my personal engagement, as well as with the help of my colleagues and professional lectures, I succeeded in advancing in knowledge.
Teamwork, unselfish help from colleagues, and great support from management makes my job much easier.

The name itself, and the job are dynamic. You never do the same thing. Projects are not repeated. Each project is a challenge for itself. A lot of projects and a lot of clients give me the opportunity to learn a lot.

For those who come to practice in our Company, I can say: "We are waiting for you, we will show you new things and new technologies. After the practice you go through, if you have enthusiasm and will, you will be able to do projects on your own.”

What do you like most here in ComData?
The job. Colleagues. Food.

Everything is a story for itself and on everything you work from start to finish. You are improving yourself, you have to learn new things, new technologies and there is no way you can get bored.