Favorite projects:
Working on the Outlook plugin, that was interesting because I could affect the tool that most people work with today. I could change and improve it.

Now I'm working on something I can not talk much about, but it's about the latest technology at the industrial level. From tools and platforms I use C #, WPF, Unity, Design pattern, Unit testing, Domain driven design and everything else. It has everything, so it's interesting.

Why should somebody come to ComData?
Because he (or she) can gain deeper knowledge of these areas, because we use them at a high professional level.

What do you like?
The fact that projects are interesting and complex, and I like to solve complex problems.



My favorite project is work on maintaining, backup and restoring large databases. The project included complex procedures related to defragmentation, wear & tear SSD data warehouses and designing algorithms for faster indexing, data access and database optimization.

What makes working in ComData's different from other companies?
Super atmosphere, people are comfortable and they want to help. You always get the answer to the question and people are really trying to explain something to you.

Why should somebody come to ComData?
A competitive salary, a pleasant atmosphere, more or less as it says in advertisements, so I don’t need to explain it.
It's more important for me to have a good extra monitor and high quality chair than table tennis in the offices. With years and experience, your priorities are changing. Since I got a daughter, for me it's more important to be in a safe company, to have no stress, to know when my job ends and when I arrive home. Here it is that way.

My next project is mobile application and it will require some adjustments in programming solutions and way of thinking.



The most interesting project?
Work on industrial software of the SCADA type, using modern tools from the JavaScript world, WebSocket, drawing in the HTML5 environment, and the implementation of certain pattern designs on the back-end. And why was it interesting to me? Work in the industry in a real environment and the challenges it brings with you. The software on which it is running is very fast in use and accordingly feedback is available in the shortest possible time. We processed data from numerous measuring instruments and enabled various analyzes and visualizations.
Personally, I gained experience in organizing and running a software development team using the Agile Development Method. It was biggest news for me.
In addition, here you have the opportunity to work with teams on the spot, as in other countries.

Practice and why to choose ComData?
Here you will work on real projects in the environment of colleagues who want to help and share knowledge. You will get information about real problems and how to solve them from start to finish. Step by step, improving the level of knowledge and gaining confidence.

Why would someone choose this company instead of some other?
Because there is a vision of development here, challenging projects and excellent work ethics. I can say that corporate culture is enviable.
I like this family approach. You're not just a number here. Everyone knows who you are, what you are, and what you do. It's irreplaceable.