ComData - Software Solution Provider


ComData is a Software Solution Provider, founded in 1992 with headquarters in Novi Sad, Serbia.

ComData has delivered bespoke turnkey ICT solutions for more than 20 years, tailored to client’s requirements and operational methods.

Our development approach is based on knowhow and best practice applying cutting edge technologies, including Agile and Scrum development methodologies.

ComData offers cooperation on long-term or project bases, based on "dedicated team", with defined approach and fixed terms.

Defined Approach:
  1. Dedicated team with strong technical background
  2. Concept for technology and know-how transfer
  3. Transparency and project governance
  4. Adapting to Clients requirements and operational methods
  5. Work side-by-side with our Client during the entire project
  6. Daily operational monitoring, establishing stages and milestones
  7. Testing the application and meet quality requirements
  8. Compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act and customer safety guidelines
  9. Fixed price project
Clients Benefits:
  1. Total control over dedicated project, including daily reporting and monitoring
  2. Total control over dedicated team, client manage them as their own employees
  3. Efficient business management
  4. Agile Development
  5. Proximity and Time Zone
  6. Cultural Affinity
  7. Time-to-market optimization
  8. Cost Savings

We can sole source your entire project or work in tandem with your team. We have concept for technology and knowhow transfer, so that your team can take over full responsibility and control for further independent development or on-going maintenance.

With our Application Migration Services, we can migrate your legacy system into modern Service Orientated Architecture and Cloud Services, using sophisticated and responsive Single Page or Hybrid applications. We use either HTML5 and cutting edge JavaScript frameworks or .NET technology, or a combination.

For your need, we can support you with Prototyping services / mockups / wireframes.

Expertise-Vertical market:
  • Production
  • Food industry
  • Trading, wholesale and retail
  • Finance, Accounting, and HR
  • Healthcare
  • Government
Business Process and Know How:
  • ERP systems
  • Web engineering services
  • Production management with MRP2 and Lot Tracing
  • Navigation-, Information-, Monitoring- and Communication systems
  • Industrial Measurement / Precision measuring instruments
  • Supply chain management
  • Financial management and accounting
  • CRM / DMS
  • HR management and payroll
  • Fixed assets

The respective procedure is optimally adapted to the actual current situation and discussed with you on-site at your house.

Service and support, as continuous further development are ensured by ComData over many years.

Contact us to arrange a first informal talk.