IIS Factory

IIS ERP system applied in demanding domestic and foreign-owned manufacturing companies in the markets of Southeast Europe. Tried and proven solution.

The production module provides you with the know-how and experience in the work and needs of production companies from various industrial branches and the scope of the desired records, each of which includes normative, a work order, an operating list, a worksheet as well as a whole technological process in the manufacturing process with controlled control Quality from Procurement to Delivery to End Customer.

The module includes the traceability of products and materials as well as MRP.

We are specialized in manufacturing in: Agriculture, Metal Industry, Meat Production, and Fertilizer Production, Packaging and Packaging Industry

Class 9 (Industrial accounting)

Industrial accounting (hereinafter: POGK - Class 9) is a special module and an integral part of our ERP system.

POGK is an account analysis 950 - Cost carriers, such as commodity accounting, account analysis 101 - Material, 102 - Spare parts and others, such as bookkeeping of fixed assets, account analysis 022 - Buildings, 023 - Plants and equipment and others.

POGK provides the necessary data for the preparation of the final account, as follows: the value of the unfinished production, read from the cards, and the actual cost of the finished products, to which the overruns are reduced by the prices at which the finished products are run (planned cost of the cost) in accordance with MSFI.

The POGK card consists of two elements: cost center (MT) and cost carrier (NT).

MT are the organizational and / or functional parts of a legal entity. NTs are finished products as main cost drivers and other temporary cost drivers, which, at the end of the year, automatically, based on pre-defined keys, are transferred to the main cost drivers.

POGK is associated with other accounts, commodities, financial, fixed assets, payroll accounting, and most changes are automatically transferred from those accounts. Other data are entered manually.

Using POGK eliminates the need to run more than one account within synthetics 950, because everything necessary for the final calculation data (calculations) is in the POGK.

We recommend the POGK - Class 9 module for application in all manufacturing and service activities.