eBudget 3.0 is designed to plan and manage local community budgets.

ComData installed the first version of this program in 1992 in the city administration of Novi Sad.

After many years of successful work of this software package, and since 2015 mandatory switch to so-called Program budget, a new version of the program has been created which contains the integration of the existing Line budget with the Program budget.

In addition to the existing analytics, in line with the linear budget in the system, there are Program budget analytics: Program, Program Activity and Project.

Our system is unique in our market both in its functionality and in features that include reporting and management systems.

The system is user-configurable and highly parameterized, with direct-printing options from the program in the form of decisions and other reporting required at the sessions of the assembly of the local community as well as other authorities of a particular local community.

The program contains a very detailed budget monitoring analysis either by Line or Program model, there is no need for additional analytics or manually filling of Excel tables.

ComData eBudget software system includes:
• An electronic upload of budget user requests
• Annual and monthly planning (Line and Program budget)
• Records of requests, conclusions and payments
• The calculation of interest
• A rich reporting system, user-friendly and in the form of necessary budget decisions and analysis
• Service section for setting and operating the system

With this software package, the implementation of the budget and extra-budgetary funds can be fully managed and monitored.
The annual, quarterly and monthly budget plans are defined in a very simple way.

Planning is done by budget positions, financial plan positions and programs.

The requests of indirect users that come in the form of an Excel document are also supported, and as such they are integrated into the software package.

By amending the budget plan, it is simple to do the planning and execution of the rebalance. The monitoring is performed by the elements of the so-called Program budget and elements of the so-called Line budget, such as: Program, Program Activity, Project, Economic Classification, Organizational Classification, Functional Classification and Types of Expenditures, by Specific Indicators and Indirect Users.

The software package is modular, so it is easy to integrate it into other accounting modules and as such offers a complete solution for budget management of a local community.

The base of the program is the SQL database that gives the application exceptional stability and efficiency.

The use of the program is very easy with the browser, developed by our company, which has powerful functions for filtering, searching and analyzing the collected data.